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What Is Close-Up Magic?

The definition of Close up Magic is not clear and this genre of conjuring could be described in number of ways. In a nutshell it is magic with a personal approach and an interactive feel that is usually performed for small groups of people in any range of circumstances. Professional magicians like me, perform at private parties, weddings, corporate events, and many other special occasions where illusions take place right in front of the spectator's eyes and sometimes even in their own hands! Many people have seen magic on television, making it easy to conclude that "it must have been a camera trick". Stage magic also has built in disadvantages regarding the distance of the magician from the audience, which can lead to natural suspicion and little chance of interaction. Conversely, Close up Magic, when performed well, is both inexplicable and amazing. It appears clear and undeniable and happens on a personal level with no camera tricks or fancy props. It can be performed right out of the magician's pockets, creating and achieving the impossible with no more than some cards, coins, keys, phones, pens, or other everyday objects.

When David Blaine released his "Street Magic" television specials years ago, he helped rekindle the popularity of magic within the public eye. It was done by using a contemporary approach and focusing on the audience's reaction to the performance. Magic comes in and out of fashion on television but it is always popular live. Even when magic is "off the air", the pros like me, Nottingham magician Mathew Knight, are working their magic across the country, bringing great entertainment and enjoyment to their audiences. Good Close-Up Magic has great potential to give a sense of deep astonishment to the observer. It is a unique experience that can only be made possible by the unusual art form that is magic.

What I Do Mathew Knight Magician


When And Where Is Close Up Magic Performed?

Due to the nature of Close up Magic, it can be performed pretty much anywhere, at anytime and most top class working magicians find themselves working the crowds at celebrations and "get-togethers" of all shapes and sizes. There are two main performance styles, which are often referred to as "Walk Around" magic- walking from group to group, or "Table Hopping" magic- moving from table to table, performing for people whilst they await food.  

Will You Saw My Wife In Half?

Will you make the food bill disappear? Are there any rabbits in that hat? Magicians have heard these questions and gags a thousand times but in modern Close Up Magic acts like mine, there are no cheesy clichés, no rabbits from the hat, no sawing the lady in half, no silk handkerchiefs or coins from behind the ear. Even the card tricks are completely extraordinary. Contemporary magic may incorporate the timeless classics of magic with a new approach and include effects with fire, money, mobile phones, mind reading, and much more.

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A common response to magic is "How did you do that"?

Unfortunately the magician never usually tells you how he did it. How annoying!! Why? It's because often the entertainment is in the illusion, not in the explanation. In basic conjuring (the type you might find in a kids magic book) the method to a trick can be the most interesting part, however in a sophisticated act it could take hours to fully explain the workings of a trick. Even then- to perform it might take years of dedication and practice. The real question is "Why do we want to know"? It is perfectly normal and healthy to crave an explanation to something that our brains tell us is totally impossible. Our eyes see it and our ears might even hear it, yet the mind denies it and responds defensively by trying to figure it out.

In our ever progressing modern world of science and technology, there seems to be an explanation for everything. At one time, magicians would have either been worshipped or burned at the stake!! Now we see magic on television, on stage, or at a party and nobody even so much as raises a pitch fork. Conjuring is not designed to force people into believing in real magic, it merely suggests the impossible and lets the spectator draw their own inspirations and interpret it in their own way. Sometimes the most sceptical people can be the ones who are most impressed but if we momentarily suspend our disbelief, allowing ourselves to enjoy the experience for what it is, the astonishment that can be experienced will be far more profound.