Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are all of the questions I could remember having been asked in the past. If you have a question that's not on here, please feel free to email or call my agent, Alive Network, on 01782 740839.


What do we need to provide?

I often have to travel to new places and meet everybody for the first time. If you can provide parking at the venue and a room for me to use for a couple of hours to get changed in and to store my case, that would be very useful. My performances can get quite energetic so I will also need a place to get a soft drink. Don’t worry if any of this is difficult under your circumstances because I can find somewhere to park and just store my case in the car or in a secure location at the venue. It’s just preferable if I don’t have to change in a toilet and if I can quickly access my case at any time so that I can refresh my props or get a necessary item for a particular trick. With this said, as long as I have details of the date/time and location of the event, I can basically look after myself, especially as my act doesn’t require a stage or any special lighting or sound equipment.


How long will you stay for?

A standard booking is 2 hours, which is usually adequate to meet and entertain most or all of the guests in attendance, and to create an impact at the event. For smaller occasions or to fill a quiet time, sometimes an hour is ideal, especially if it’s a ‘mix and mingle’ style performance. Other clients have large numbers of guests or lots going on, so they might prefer to book for up to 3 hours or split the performances into sets over a longer period. Either way I get to as many people as possible at the most appropriate moments during the occasion, and I don’t usually have to rush off at the end. Ultimately each event is different, so the booking time can depend on the schedule for the occasion and the scale of the party. The vast majority of clients book for 2 hours.


How far do you travel?

I am a Nottinghamshire based magician, but perform all over the country and even abroad. Any location will be considered.


What can we expect you to do?

I have an original act, which falls under the category of 'close up magic' and is performed with a modern approach. Think Dynamo or David Blaine but with my own style. I really despise cheesy magic tricks that look like they have come right out of a kid’s magic set, or take forever to get to the point. Generally I aim to engage people with short, direct, visual magic tricks, which are easy to follow and build up to a ‘wow’ moment at the end. The props I use are all everyday items and although my magic is extremely well rehearsed and has laughs along the way, it has an impromptu feel and high impact moments. I perform for small groups of people and work my way around the venue so that everybody has the chance to experience the magic first hand. 


What do I get for my money?

If you hire me you will get a unique performer, who conducts himself in a professional manner and aims to provide customer satisfaction by going the extra mile. The fee pays for the performance time at the event as well as everything that goes around it. For every performance there are multiple hours of preparation and of course many years of practice. The astonishment that I aim to create is something that can help people to remember your event for years to come.


How will your magic fit the occasion?

The answer to this question depends on the type of function and the run of events on the day. My interactive style has the advantage of being very adaptable; meaning that I can usually tailor it to suit your needs. Performances generally take place under the following conditions:

- At tables around the dinner courses or whilst guests await food.
- In a 'walk-around' style whilst guests stand or sit in groups.

I prefer not to perform whilst guests are eating, so if you book me to perform at the tables, I liaise with the catering staff on arrival and plan my performances around the meal. It’s best to notify me or my agent if there will be a band or very loud music playing, so that I can decide whether the sound levels will affect my act.